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Tierra Amarilla Land Grant

The Tierra Amarilla Grant was petitioned in 1832, by Manuel Martinez.  Classified as a quasi-community grant it was approved by Territorial Deputation for 594,515 acres.  Proceedings before the office of the Surveyor General confirmed the grant at 524,515 acres.  This grant has a long history of conflict and controversy which culminated in 1967, with a raid on the county courthouse by Reis Lopez Tijerina and the Alianza Federal de Mercedes (Federal Alliance of Grants).  Following the raid the U.S. Forest Service adopted a more conciliatory position on the rights of land grant heirs in federal forest lands lost by U.S.  legal proceedings.  These rights are still being addressed by land grant heirs today.  This grant is located in Rio Arriba County, New Mexico and Archuleta County, Colorado.     

Students from Highlands University created a virtual exhibit on the Tierra Amarilla land grant. Click the link below to view the exhibit.

Latitude: 3642
Longitude: 10632